Butcher Block

Belanger offers the most beautiful, versatile, durable natural solid surface counter top made.
If properly installed, this Belanger butcher block top will enhance your home for many years with only minimal care. :

Hardwood Butcher Block Countertops
More than just a butcher block countertop :

Our countertops are a perfect melding of beauty and function. Made from North American Hard Rock Maple, this natural hardwood counter tops impart a warm friendly glow to any kitchen.

Hard Rock Maple Butcher Block Countertops :
Our Ultra-Premium Hard Rock Maple butcher block counter tops are manufactured exclusively from North American hardwood under the botanical name of Acer Saccharum. Acer, the scientific name of the maple family, means hard or sharp. The Romans used European maple for pikes and lances as well as for tables and other furniture. Saccharum refers to the sweet sap obtained from the trees that are most widely known as sugar maple or hard maple. Hard maple is one of the hardest and most durable woods known to man. Nearly 115 years experience building quality butcher block assures you of a kitchen countertop that will last a lifetime.

Ultra Premium Butcher Block Countertops :
The Logical Choice Chefs prefer butcher block maple countertops for all slicing, dicing, and chopping duties. Bakers choose it for
preparation and rolling dough. No other countertop surface offers the functional advantages of butcher block, and they are priced far below other solid-surface tops.

The Beauty of Hardwood Butcher Block Countertops :
Ultra Premium says it all. These counter tops are manufactured from the finest hard rock maple. Rails are cut, selected, and matched for appearance, thus assuring the uniformly rich and clean appearance that is desired by many discriminating customers. These rails are bonded edge to edge with FDA approved adhesives and then subjected to applied heat under enormous pressure to build the counter top. The full length rails that comprise the countertop provide an unbroken appearance over the length of the product. As one can readily imagine, it is extremely difficult to process the natural wood into a product that provides the desired uniformity and appearance that customers prefer.