Our countertops are produced in standard lengths of 8'-10'-12'. Our countertops are available in 5/8" or 3/4" particle core using only the best of laminates from North American manufacturer.


For countertops, the standard widths varies from 22 1/2" to 25 1/2". The standard widths for bartops or islands are : 26 3/4", 32" and 36". Standard width tend to vary from one region to another, Belanger offers the flexibility in matching special widths requirements.


Other options include countertops without backsplash and plywood countertops.





Postformed countertops are prefabricated countertops formed as a single piste from the backsplash to the front edge. Laminate is "wrapped" around the core material — from the curved backsplash, to the cove and then over the front edge — to provide a seamless surface.



Help avoid the collection of dirt and grime.

Provide the appearance of granite, atone or marble.

Allow easy maintenance with no polishing or resealing needed.

Are easy to install for new construction or remodel projects.

Offer your builder or fabricator the ability to create custom pieces that complement postformed pieces.


End Caps: If you're buying countertops in lengths, you will probably need material to finish the ends. We can supply :

Right end or left end, pre-glued or unglued end caps.

Laminate in 5 1/2"x 30" pre-glued or unglued. They can be used to finish the bar tops 27".

Trim Roll of 1 3/4"x 12'. Generally this material is used for bar tops wider than 30".


Finally you can also order end caps kits which contain 1 right end and 1 left end. 4 small pieces of particle board and a bag of nails that you will need to fix the finish end on the countertop.


Components: Laminated components are used for tables, furniture components, and various other applications. Custom components for various use.


Laminates: To complete the design of your kitchen, we offer laminate sheets of the same colour as your countertops. In sheet thickness of 1/32". Sheets are available in the following sizes : 30"x 96", 30"x 120", 30"x 144", 48"x 96"

For everyday cleaning:

Use a clean, damp, non-abrasive cloth with a mild detergent or household cleaner.


To remove stuck-on residue, scrub with a nylon-bristled brush.

For difficult stains:

Apply a paste of baking soda and water to draw out the stain. Then, blot away with a damp cloth. Don't rub the stain, as it may set back into the laminate.


You may use solvents such as denatured alcohol or nail polish remover on your laminate countertop to remove pen or pencil stains. Use a small amount and repeat until the stain is removed. Rinse the surface thoroughly and then clean as usual.

For dusting:

Use a non-oily furniture spray. This may also help hide small scratches. Do not place hot items directly on your laminate countertop.

Use a hot pad or trivet to avoid placing hot pans or dishes directly on the laminate surface.

Keep lit cigarettes from directly coming in contact with the laminate surface. Do not place curling irons or hot rollers directly on the laminate surface.

Do not iron or even place a hot iron on the laminate surface.

Do not use your laminate countertop as a cutting board.

Knives and other sharp utensils could slice or scratch the laminate surface.

Do not slide abrasive items across your laminate countertop.

Ceramics, earthenware and other rough- bottomed objects could scratch the laminate surface. Use a placemat or other protective underlay with these items. Do not use scouring pads or steel wool on the laminate surface.

Do not drop objects on your laminate countertop.

Heavy impact can chip or crack the laminate surface.

Do not use cleaners containing acid, alkali or bleach.

This includes cleaners made for:

Toilets, tubs, tile, ovens, rust, metal, ceramic cook tops and lime / mineral deposits. If you are unsure about a particular cleaning agent, contact the manufacturer to ensure its compatibility with laminate surfaces. Do not allow bottles, rags or any other container that holds harsh chemicals to come in contact with your laminate countertop. This includes hair dyes, clothing dyes and food coloring.


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