The purpose is to promote the purchase of hardware and home building materials made in Canada.

More specifically, «Well Made Here» wishes to address five issues :

  • For the consumer: better appreciate the products made here thanks to enhanced information.
  • For certified entrepreneurs: enrich their services with quality products made here, in conjunction with the merchants.
  • For merchants: position themselves as the destination of choice for customers seeking accredited local products and certified services.
  • Also, associate their image and their networks with the growing movement towards the purchase of quality local products and services.
  • For the manufacturer: distinguish themselves from imported or low value-added products with technical information for do-it-yourselfers and building contractors.  

Starting in the spring of 2019, at over 2,500 hardware stores and home improvement centers, thousands of carefully and lovingly crafted hardware and building supplies in Canada will be accredited «Well Made Here».

At the economic level, encouraging local buying promotes job creation and wealth within a community. These citizens will reinvest their earnings locally, which will create turnover and direct economic growth. With the help of logos and visual cues, the consumer will be able to easily identify the «Well Made Here» locally manufactured products.

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