Why choose Bélanger Countertops

Beauty and durability are the keystones of Belanger’s products

The beauty of laminate countertops

Bélanger Laminates countertops are as tough as they are beautiful… this seamless countertop adds a whole new level of style and look to your project.

Like quartz and granite, large-scale patterned countertops have the same look and feel but at a fraction of the cost… and better than that, laminate countertops are so affordable, you’ll be able to renew their style as often as you like!

«…kitchens and bathrooms are high-traffic areas, and having a durable surface is critical.»

Remember that kitchens and bathrooms are high-traffic areas, and having a durable surface is critical. Bélanger Laminates offer extremely low-maintenance durability, with no polishing or sealing required. They also won’t stain like natural surfaces will and the lack of seams means that dirt and grime won’t accumulate on them.

Bélanger Laminates offers an extensive selection of laminate colours from all major manufacturers that dramatize countertop beauty. From the simple purity of marble to the deep richness of granite, you’re sure to find the perfect colour to complement any aesthetic and convey any mood.

A wide range of colours

Bélanger Laminates has partnered with experienced countertop fabricators and installers to provide the highest quality product possible paired with the best customer service in the industry. This network of professionals is known as the Pro Team.

Bélanger Laminates countertops are also sold throughout Canada in national and regional home centres.

It pays to compare

The chart below demonstrates the value of Bélanger Laminates countertops. When you combine their overall price advantage with technologies and design possibilities, the choice is clear: Bélanger Laminates countertops.