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Laminate countertops have gained in popularity over the years and are now of exceptional quality. In addition to being able to take on the premium appearance of stone or granite, they are much less expensive than them and, unlike most stones and other solid surface products, they do not require special maintenance. Being molded and seamless, laminate countertops are also more immune to excessive build-up of bacteria and dirt.

Postformed counters are prefabricated one-piece counters from the back to the front edge. The laminate “wraps” the particle board to provide a homogeneous surface (seamless).
Unlike stone or granite countertops, seamless countertops leave little room for bacteria and dirt to build up. They do not require any special maintenance. In addition, they offer you the possibility to create personalized rooms.
Our countertops are available in standard lengths of 8 ′, 10 ′ and 12 ′. They are available on 5/8 ″ or 3/4 ″ particle board. It goes without saying that we use the best laminates in the North American industry.
The standard width of our counters varies from 22 1/2 ″ to 25 1/2 ″. The standard widths of the “Bar Top” or island are 26 3/4 ″, 32 ″ and 36 ″. Do you need counters with special dimensions? Our network of retailers and cutting centers are there to offer you products on demand.

The possibilities are almost limitless! Belanger Laminates offers more than 300 colors and 11 profiles to complete your design according to your style and your tastes.

Yes, the Belanger Laminate Countertop offers a very real stone, granite or marble look at a fraction of the price of real stone.

Unlike stone or a solid surface, laminate countertops do not require the application of sealants or polishes.

Just use a clean, damp cloth with a mild, non-abrasive detergent. To remove sticky residue, scrub with a nylon brush.
For stubborn stains, apply a paste of baking soda and water. Remove the excess with a damp cloth.
To remove pen or pencil stains from your countertop, you can use alcohol-free removers or nail polish remover. Use a small amount and repeat until the stain is completely removed. Then rinse the surface and clean it as usual.
See our maintenance section to learn more about this.
You can add a laminate counter wherever you need a workspace: kitchen, bathroom, laundry room, kids rooms, office, garage, and entertainment areas.
Also ideal for commercial applications: kitchenettes, cafeterias, classrooms, reception areas, breakfast bar, break rooms, etc.

Opting for a seamless backsplash in the rim profile is a smart choice, as being easy to clean, this backsplash promotes a healthier indoor environment and a more hygienic food prep area.

Finished ends: If you are buying countertops lengthwise, you will probably need material to finish the ends. All imaginable options are available to you.
Components: Laminate components used to make tables, pieces of furniture and many other accessories are also available.
Laminate: To complete the design of your kitchen, we offer laminate sheets in the same color as your countertop. They are available in various formats.

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