BL Dimension - 5014FX11 Marbre Peint Blanc | U | Formica | 2300
BL CenterPointe - Acacia Bordure Naturelle
BL Dimension - 8830-58 Béton Primaire | R | Formica | 2700
BL Dimension - P1022-VL Bianco Statuario | U | Arborite | Ora


A focus on natural stones and noble woods in a minimalist environment. The quality of materials is a strong theme in new kitchen trends. The kitchen and bathroom take on a more minimalist feel, leaving plenty of room for natural materials. Go for white marble, natural woods, concrete or stone, and invite nature into your space!


A material that never goes out of style.

Chevron wood

The elegant chevron motif is very popular in European kitchens and has quickly become a popular choice in Canada.


A timeless, classic look.

Finger-Jointed Acacia

Highly resistant, unique, exotic and sustainable,
acacia wood offers naturally rich hues
with aslight veining.

dark stone

Very dark stone surfaces add a dramatic touch
toany space and go well with all materials and colors.

bamboo wood

Light in colour, eco-friendly, natural, durable and lightweight. Bamboo’s smooth surface with very few knots appeals to those who desire a more refined, classic look


A natural wood option that gives your indoor
living space an inviting touch of nature.

Natural wood

This natural wood option adorns your indoor
living space with nature’s warmth.