10 healthy foods to fuel your day

To keep your energy up throughout the day, try one of those foods.

You’ve indulged over the holidays and now you want to start the new year off right by getting back in shape? You need to eat the right foods that will fuel your body and sustain you the entire day while providing you with the proper nutrients for staying healthy and fit.

Oats: Oats contain slow sugars that will provide you with energy during your entire workout. A bowl of oatmeal or homemade muffin with oat flakes are great breakfast options you can consume two to three hours before any physical activity.

Quinoa: Low in fat, and for the same reasons mentioned above for oatmeal, quinoa is a food that provides long-lasting energy. It also contains slightly more protein than other cereals, making it a great addition to your menu.

Kefir: Part of the dairy family, kefir is an excellent source of calcium and vitamin D. Because it is a probiotic food, the bacteria it contains will strengthen your immune system, making it an ideal snack before or after your workout.

Greek yogurt: We can’t get enough of greek yogurt because it has more protein than regular yogurt and it’s low in fat. It’s also a tasty substitute for cottage cheese.

Eggs: A good substitute for meat or fish, eggs are convenient and easy to prepare. There’s no need to only eat the whites! Eat the yolk too to get all the nutrients you need to stay healthy and active.

Chia seeds: Rich in fibre and plant-based omega-3 fatty acids, these small seeds are new on the market and will improve your snacks and meals to make them even more nutritious and filling.

Camelina oil: An excellent source of omega-3, it’s also got plenty of vitamin E to make this a choice food. A powerful antioxidant, this oil can be stored for a long time and also resists heat very well. You’ll love it in your salads or as a marinade for meat, fish, or vegetables. Another reason to try it out? Camelina oil is produced here in Quebec!

– Mélissa Larivière