Selecting cabinet doors

A few tips to guide your choice.

Choosing is half the fun!

Some prefer them for their durability and how easy they are to maintain, others for their affordability. One thing is certain though: thermoplastic and polyester cabinet doors by Bélanger Laminates make heads turn! Thermoplastic and polyester cabinet doors come in a variety of colours, finishes, textures, and models, with or without moulding. There’s something for every taste! Love the classic look? You can choose a detailed door frame, crown moulding, valances, and add stylized handles. Fan of the modern look? You can opt for cabinet doors without moulding, and a matte finish and no handles.

You can’t go wrong with white.

When it comes to staying trendy, you can’t go wrong with white. It’s a timeless shade that goes well with a range of contrasting colours and textures. Presently, a lot of people are choosing strong hues, such as taupe grey and black, in combination with a wood finish. Wood tones are also incredibly popular. Whether white oak, walnut, grey wood (light or dark), or even weathered barn wood, people love the warm look of wood and rely on it to add a personal touch to their decor.

The benefits

Want to find the right cabinet doors to make your wood floors stand out while creating shelving? Simple: you’ll find a wide range of thermoplastic and polyester cabinet doors in lots of imitation wood styles. Bélanger Laminates’ high-quality doors are similar to wood doors in terms of shade and texture. However, because they’re not made from real wood, they won’t bend as time goes by and they’ll all be the exact same colour. These products are a great way to add personalized elements to any room: a sideboard with the same shade of blue as your favourite painting or a storage cabinet with glossy doors in the same red or black as your car.

Whether you want to boost the look of your kitchen, garage, living room, bathroom, walk-in closet, or any other space, the starting point that will influence what materials you use during your renovation or new construction is without a doubt your cabinet doors. Bélanger Laminates’ thermoplastic and polyester cabinet doors are a sure-fire way to help you create the space you’ve always dreamed of at a low cost.